Global Peering Forum

The Global Peering Forum (GPF) builds on an effort started by multiple commercial organizations over 18 years ago. GPF is an independent, non-profit organization designed to advance the business interests of individuals involved in peering and interconnection. GPF is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation operating as a business league. The current board consists of nine elected representatives from organizations who have supported the event for a number of years.

About GPF

This page includes required public disclosures, meeting minutes, and additional information benefiting the understanding of our members and event attendees.

The GPF Board of Directors can be reached from the form below:

Fiscal 2022 GPF Board of Directors

Introducing Fiscal 2025

GPF Board of Directors

Matt Griswold

Board Member

Ester Paal

Board Member

Isabel Odida

Board Member

Tom Hodgson

Board Member