GPF 2025 will take place in person in Denver, Colorado from April 13 – 16, 2025.

Registration for 2024 is closed. 

Thank you for your interest. Registration for GPF 2024 has ended.

Appropriate GPF Attendees

  • Decision makers for interconnection activities representing an organization
  • Technical staff, technical product managers, and non-sales executives for interconnection services (e.g. Internet Exchange, Cloud Service Providers, Enterprises, Cross Connects, Optical Exchange Platforms) at an organization actively serving the needs of interconnection participants
  • Sponsor attendees per sponsorship agreements
  • GPF board members, event staff, and invited speakers
  • GPF limits attendees to a maximum of two people per organization. The Approvals committee may agree to exceptions with supporting justification
  • Any attendees over the maximum of two may be added to a waitlist if desired. Waitlist will be released 14 days before the event

To provide context, the GPF team attempts to ensure that every attendee adds value to the collective and unique nature of GPF events.

We have found in the past that the activities of those in roles involving sales, account management, business development, consulting services, product marketing, or similar non-operational roles are not appropriate.

Similarly, someone who maintains a very limited amount of infrastructure, such as only a route server as opposed to maintaining broader Internet Exchange infrastructure, is not appropriate.

Registration Fees

  • Members – $450
  • Non-Member – $550
  • Non-approved (non-registered) who show up and meet the GPF criteria, $650 at the door

Do you require a visa invitation letter? If so, please submit this form: Visa invitation letter request form