Global Peering Forum 2023

Terms and Conditions

Upon signing this document, you agree to the below terms and conditions.

  1. You are responsible for advising GPF who your organization’s contact will be for the logistics of your sponsorship. GPF will only be in contact with this named person for Sponsorship arrangements leading up to the event.

  2. Payment is to be made no later than the date shown on the invoice.
    1.  If you cannot make payment by the invoice date, you must contact the finance team who sent the invoice to arrange and agree on a suitable payment date.

    2. Failure to pay your sponsorship invoice by the due date may result in your sponsorship contract being terminated.

  3. Termination, Alterations and Force Majeure 
    1. In case the Sponsor terminates the contract within 30 days after signing the contract, the Sponsor shall send GPF a written notice of the termination and the full (paid) Sponsorship fee will be refunded.

    2. Termination of the contract after signing the contract, then the following policies apply:
      1. If cancellation of the contract takes place 30 days after contract signing, but before 60 days before the event, the Sponsor will be charged 50% of the sponsorship fee. 
      2. If the cancellation takes place 60 days or fewer before the event, the Sponsor will be charged 80% of the participation fee.
      3. If termination of contract takes place 45 days or less before the event, the Sponsor will be charged the full sponsorship fee.

  4. Branding: GPF aims to get all sponsor logos online as soon as they are confirmed. Upon return of this booking form please include a high-resolution version of your logo in jpg, png and eps format.

  5. Passes: Sponsors are allocated a set number of passes. There are no additional exceptions to representatives from an organization except those as noted below who meet standard GPF attendee criteria. Please note these passes are additional to the general passes which you can register for in case you are a qualifying attendee with a maximum of two per company. More information about the registration policy can be found at
    1. You must register all attendees from your organization, GPF is not responsible for doing this

  6. Sponsor stand/space: GPF will advise all sponsors individually of what space they have at the venue, and where possible will attach a floor plan. Please note this information may not be available until closer to the event.